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OpenStack is a platform that will allow any group in developing their own open source cloud system.

What is OpenStack Day Mexico?

In 2014, OpenStack´s foundation and KIO Networks introduced for the first time in the region OpenSatck Day Mexico, a forum directed to devops, users and and OpenStack Cloud software managers, interested in promoting a cloud computing system, which guarantees interoperability.

This forum gives visibility, business opportunities and position to sponsor companies towards the market, the audience and the assisting media.

IDC consultant projects for Latin America a 65% of spending growth at Cloud Computing in 2016, with this in mind, OpenStack Day Mexico will not be seen only as an event, but as a business and networking forum where users and companies will be able answer necessities about the use of this technology and open source.




Experience exchange




Business relationship




Participation and collaboration in projects


Fresh ideas


Success cases


Sum of efforts


Business Forum


Sector improvement



OpenStack is designed for the entire open source ecosystem in Mexico, from the big companies of Cloud industry, IT professional, pioneers in the adoption of the technology said, going through the System Managers of small companies up to System Directors, System Managers and to Information Security, Directives and IT brands ( software, hardware or services), that seek to boost the use of this tendency with the purpose to grow, evolve and learn. Each member of the ecosystem is welcome to OpenStack 2016.


Leader Companies:

OpenStack Day Mexico serves as a meeting point where company leaders and directives can share their different experiences; learn from their success cases,  acknowledge their opportunity areas to have the opportunity to adopt the knowledge given to generate better practices.


Because the audience is updated, focused and innovative in technological and Cloud topics, they become an essential pillar for the event and the brands that are present.

They represent a great opportunity for companies that seek new talent and disruptive ideas. They dominate the topic and are the principal promoters of these Networking platforms. It is an audience that has a big interest in showing their work, getting to know the updates that IT leader companies offer, and in a parallel way, seek being part of the talent that Cloud solutions generates.

New talent:

For being the youngest audience, they have the opportunity from the beginning of their career, to generate alliances for future professional projects,  create bonds with the exhibitor companies and get to know people who have current information on the sector.